Suunnittelutoimisto Poutvaara - Design Bureau Poutvaara
Taneli Poutvaara


I am representing an architectural design company with advanced readiness for normal architectural design tasks. I have advanced skills in CAD and Building Information Modeling. I can offer in basic level architectural design services.

In addition to basic realization design my activities cover theoretical working and concept design. By using several measures – such as area, volume, height or human capacity per building type – in concept level I have designed larger buildings than in modern time has ever been realized.

In my use there are several Windows-workstations and Autodesk AEC-design program. In photography my family has expertise for one century but the photography was transformed from the early 2000s fully into digital format. I have the sharpest and most modern photography equipment of my family history and for that full digital post processing readiness.

I realize digital art and my expertise also cover mechanical drawing – for this I have a new collection, that could cover a large independent art exhibition. My digital expertise cover in addition to photography also vector graphics and book design.


Taneli Poutvaara